Roberto Monticello

 (June 7th, 1962 - present) 

Roberto  was born June 7th, 1962 in Santiago de Cuba.

In addition to writing and directing films, Monticello has devoted much of his life to human rights and environmental causes. He has journeyed to Ethiopia three times during the famine, once as a refugee camp director.
He has survived beatings while travelling through South America in pursuit of Nazi war criminals, lived with Peruvian Indians in the Andes and recorded human rights abuses in Afghanistan during the Russian presence. Roberto was with the U.N. at Hotel Rwanda. Also wounded in Guatemala, investigating the killings of Native Indians.

He is currently concentrating on ending the U.S. Embargo and Travel Ban to Cuba, bringing a boatload of medicine twice a year and making films there with the goal of promoting a peaceful resolution. He is also producing a documentary, "Looking for Cuba", which deals directly with the U.S. Embargo; and has written two Cuban-themed feature scripts: "Son Cubano", an action-filled tale about the seeds of freedom in Cuba, and "Free Again: La Lupe's Story", the true-life drama of the legendary singer La Lupe.

Recently back from Darfur, after his fourth visit, he was wounded on a mission for the Red Cross.

Roberto has done 28 films in 9 countries, and has directed 56 play productions, and written 19 of them.
He has won nine different awards, the latest being The Film Humanitarian Award from the Queens Film Festival.

He has homes now in Brazil, Paris, New York, and Cuba.

His grandfather (on the mother's side) was a close friend of Picasso after the Spanish civil war in Paris, after escaping the Franco dictatorship.

Roberto has also crossed the Atlantic twice on his sailboat "Romance".