Current Projects


Here are just a few of the current projects Roberto is currently working on.

2017 - ‘Kiddo’, a coming of age drama about a family of undocumented immigrants living in NYC. The film is currently seeking funding to move into production this year.

2016 - ‘Little West 12th Street’, a television pilot about a real-life inspired group of friends who live in NYC’s Meatpacking District.

2014 - Realidades, filmed in Barcelona Spain, is about a group of 'liberal' friends threatened by the influx of refugees from Arabic and African countries and how they deal with it since they are already fighting to survive.

2012 - Tanzania, filmed the actual transporting of children and teenagers from one country to the other (tribe to tribe) and sold to outsiders especially Europeans. Some end in the United States. Shown on television in Italy, Spain, France.

Children of the Night - Writer / Director
A documentary exposé of the trafficking of children from Cambodia, Malaysia, and the Philippines, to the U.S. NYC tri-state area for sexual purpose. Many children have been rescued by the film crew, and the four so-called "Homes" have been closed to due to the attention this current film project has created.

The World's Crying
A series of short films shot over the course of six years by Roberto in Darfur and Rwanda, Africa during the genocides; Sri Lanka during the Tsunami; Sarajevo, Serbia during the ethnic cleansing; and New Orleans during the event of Katrina.

You Have the Right to Remain Violent 2009, Director
Roberto's statement on the abuse of power and protecting children worldwide.

Cannibals & Missionaries 2009, Writer / Director
This film was written & directed by Roberto for Tri-Continental Films.
The sequel entitled "Cultural Survival" was shot in 6 countries in Latin America.

Carnaval de Cuba 2009, Writer / Director
A look at Carnaval and Religion in Cuba today.

Looking for Cuba
A piece on the Anti-U.S. Embargo and Travel Ban. This was shown recently at the United Nations and is currently in the Festival circuit.

The Counterfeit Christ 2007, Writer / Director
A film about religious obsessions shot by Roberto in Brazil.

Native Americans
A view into the current state of American Indians. Marlon Brando was the original executive producer. This project is 3/4 complete and currently shooting on Indian Reservations in Long Island N.Y.

Sandtown 2004, Director

Till Proven Innocent 2000, Director/Writer

Heart to 1999, Director

The Stand-In 1999, Director

The Italian Movie 1993, Director

Ramblin' Gal 1991, Director

Roberto Monticello has directed over 28 films in 9 countries as well as written and directed over 56 plays around the world. For a list of other works of Monticello's, click here.